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Have you said that before? …or perhaps thought:

“I can read and even speak English, but understanding natives speak is SO difficult.”

If that sounds familiar, I’d love to guide you to greater confidence in English Listening in 30 days!

I created this listening challenge because I am a language learner JUST LIKE YOU. I know what it’s like to learn a language, the frustrations of not being able to understand natives, the anxiety when a native opens their mouth to speak. I also know that even though it’s hard, there is also beauty in the journey.

I’ve created this challenge that I know will help you to gain confidence with your listening skills and give you the confidence and skills you need to be able to understand native speakers.

I am learning my 6th language right now (Turkish) and believe me it has been challenging! It is sometimes hard to know where to go.

I have experimented through trial and error the different ways to break through to the next level in a listening comprehension. Now allow me to guide you to the same breakthrough in listening confidence!

See you in the challenge! Tchau, caio!

15 day Money Back guarantee

If you do not find value in this course/workshop after completing at least 20% of it, we'll refund your money.

About Your Instructor

About Your Instructor

Camille Hanson is a TEFL-Certified, Youtuber, author, polyglot & language lover who speaks 5 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French.

She loves traveling with her family and discovering beautiful historic streets and delicious café treats 🙂



33 Bite-sized
conversation videos with natives

33 Comprehension Quizzes

33 Dictation Exercises

3 Bonus Videos with English phrases used!

Real Life English conversations

Reach your goal of understanding English better, with more confidence!

Inside the course, you will meet THREE interesting and amazing people. 

Melodie, my sister-in-law and a mom of 3. She was featured on a famous TV channel HGTV for building a very cool tiny house.

Sharon, my friend who has such an interesting story because her time was split between Bulgaria, Germany, and the US. She married a Korean who was raised in Turkey. Her mom is Korean and her dad is American. 

Caleb, a musician and a long time friend of mine. He was born and raised in the USA and he has spent time living both in California and on the East Coast.

I chat with each person for around 30 minutes and then break these chats down into 33 “bite-size” videos. Each video is around 3 minutes.

After each interview, there will also be quizzes to test your listening comprehension and a dictation exercise.

Camille’s course is great for learning real native English, with super interesting content and interviews. Camille is a very dedicated and kind teacher. Her tips and her teaching method helped to increase my vocabulary and improve my skills. I love the interviews!
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Those videos were amazing, because they offered so many useful expressions and verbs that people can use in their daily conversations. Thank you for letting me have access to your super good English challenge. It was so useful for me.
testimony iran
Camille is a very good teacher and such a great person. With her books, lessons and challenges I learn so much! My English is always improving because of her amazing work.
elodie france camille learn english student
I am very pleased with these amazing lessons! I recommend them to everyone who wants to improve their English listening. Thank you very much.
ygor testimonial camille hanson course
Camille is such an excellent teacher and a fantastic person! She helped me a lot in improving my English! With her course, lessons, and social media, I'm not afraid anymore when I have to use my English!
Davide Italy Student 5 Stars - Learn English with Camille
Ready to increase your listening confidence?

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15 Day money-back guarantee


Who is this challenge for? 

If you are at a basic / intermediate English level (A2 — B2) and are looking to improve your English to the next level (B2 — C2), this challenge is for you!

When does this challenge start?

The challenge starts as soon as you purchase it. But you have lifetime access and you can do the quizzes and exercises as many times as you want at your own pace.

How much time is needed for the challenge? 

I know many of you are juggling work, school or family so we’ve made the course available to you at your own pace. You should be able to complete it in 30 days if you work on it every day. Everyone has their own pace but I would say 15-30 minutes max. per day.

Will the challenge expire?

No, the challenge can be accessed by you forever.


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