My Top 3 Tips for Learning Another Language

Learning another language isn’t easy. Bottom line. I wish there was a magical pill you could take to all of a sudden be speaking another language. I wish I could tell you give it a day or 2 and you’ll get it. But the reality is there are going to be days when you are […]

How much of a new language can you really learn in 1 month?

Our friend was learning Spanish on Duolingo and she told Calvin and I that we should learn a new language so she could have some competition. We laughed about it but then thought, “why don’t we?” We both had written down learning another foreign language on our dream list earlier in the year. We just […]

5 Great Hindrances to Learning A New Language

Language learning intrigues me. I just love language. Whenever I hear Spanish I want to go over and engage in the conversation (because I can) and because I love speaking Spanish. The other day I was by some Japanese women in the bathroom and they started talking to me in Japanese and I so wanted […]