LIVE! Reactions to Brazilian Music – Learn English with Camille

Join us! My friend Karolina plays Brazilian music for me and you can see my reactions live. This is going to be fun! WATCH NEXT: Brazilian BBQ (Churrasco) Vlog: NOTE: We trimmed out one copyrighted song that the artist did not want in our video (A Gente Fez Amor – Gusttavo Lima).

Gringa gastando o português ? – Aprenda inglês com Camille

Gringa Gastando o Portugues - Youtube Video - Learn English with Camille

Hear Camille share her story of learning the beautiful Portuguese language in Portuguese 🙂 I wanted to be vulnerable and speak Portuguese to show people it’s okay to make mistakes, the goal is always communication. When I filmed this I had been studying Portuguese for 8 months. Isso é para os meus amigos brasileiros! Eu […]