American English Phrasal Verb Boost - Part 2

Welcome to the American English Phrasal Verb Boost – Part 2. Let’s dive in 😉

Freak out

It means when somebody becomes irrational, so upset, so angry, sometimes even to the point of confusion.

Example: After my dog got attacked on the street by another dog, I started to freak out.

Get ahead

To become successful in the professional environment, or make consistent progress in life.

Julie was doing all the extra work she could to get ahead in the company.

Get back

Return to a place.

Example: Well lunch break is over, let’s get back to work.

Get over

To move past an obstacle from one side to the other.

Example: Heather was having the hardest time getting over the fact that her little kitten died.

Give in

To surrender something.

Example: After my kids begged three times, I finally gave in, and gave them the candy they were asking for.

Go after

When you do your best to get something, no matter how hard it may be.

Example: You have to go after your dreams to see them come true, go after.

Go beyond

To be more than, or better than what is normal or expected from you.

Example: Jose always went above and beyond what his teachers asked of him.

Go over

To review something.

Okay, Mr. Johnson, let’s go over your paperwork, and then the doctor will see you, go over.

Gross out

It means to be disgusted by someone or something.

The smell of the baby’s diaper really grossed Davi out, gross out.

Hang up

To hang things on a hanger, or to hang up the phone.

Example: After spending two hours on hold with the insurance company, Davia finally decided to hang up the phone, because she was tired of waiting.

Hurry up

When you do something quickly.

Example: If you hurry up with your lunch, we can go out to play.

Keep from

To stop yourself or others from doing something.

Example: They kept us from crossing the borders, because we didn’t have our passports.

Keep on

To continue to do something.

Example: Keep on studying and you will soon reach fluency.

Know about

To have knowledge or to be familiar with something.

Example: If you know about phrasal verbs, you will sound more like a native speaker.

Leave behind

When you don’t take something or someone with you.

Example: When we traveled to Greece, we decided to leave the kids behind with a babysitter.

Let down

Disappoint somebody.

Example: I was so let down when the concert got cancelled due to bad weather.

Lie around

To be lazy and not do anything.

Example: Sundays are the best days to lie around and watch Netflix.

Pull off

to succeed in doing something difficult or tricky.

Example: With the limited supplies, I wasn’t sure we would be able to pull off the party, but we did.

Run down

To hit someone with a car, or to be super tired.

Example: After weeks of studying for exams, Tyler was feeling very run down, run down.

Settle down

It means to be living a stable and routine life.

Example: After years of being single, Roger finally decided to get married and settle down.

Space out

When someone’s attention is not in the present moment.

Example: During class Marika started to space out thinking about her boyfriend.

Sneak out

To leave a place without being noticed.

Example: Dane thought he could sneak out of the house without his parents hearing.

Stress out

To feel very nervous or anxious about something.

Example: With her wedding right around the corner, Nathalia was starting to feel stressed out.

Think ahead

To think and plan for a future situation.

Example: Now that he was graduating from college, Jax was starting to think ahead about what he wanted to do in life.

Wrap up

To cover something with a special kind of paper or to finish something.

Example: Well we are now at 47 phrasal verbs so I think I’m going to wrap up this video. 😉

Good Job, you did it!

That was a lot of phrasal verbs! Maybe they were new to you, maybe some you’ve heard, before but I hope that you guys have more confidence now, when it comes to both understanding and using these phrasal verbs.

Be sure to do the quizzes with these videos because it really will help you practice. Don’t let them intimidate you! Just enjoy them, have fun with them, and be proud of yourself for learning these and doing the work!

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