Nashville Tennessee y’all! – Make-up Tips from Kaylea

I visit my friend Kaylea in Nashville Tennessee for the first time! She shows me the sites (tourist spots) and some hidden gems 😉 We hope you enjoy! Follow Kaylea here and hire her for your wedding 📸 (if she isn’t already booked!)   DON’T FORGET TO ACTIVATE SUBTITLES: 🗣 English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, […]

Cooking 🇫🇮 Finnish Pancakes (Pannukakku) with my mom 😋 Food Vlog

I grew up eating the delicious Pannukakku! (Finnish Pancake). While in Michigan visiting my mom, I thought it’d be fun to do a vlog showing how to make this simple yet unique pancake. If you make it please share how you liked it in the comments or on my instagram @camillehanson 😋RECIPE: Finnish Pancakes (Pannukakku) […]

Cooking Indian Food with Arun Kumar – Food Vlog for English Learners

We traveled to North Carolina to cook authentic indian food with a friend Arun Kumar who is originally from India. He made us an Indian dish: Indo-Afghani Pulao / Kabuli Pulao. We’ve included English keywords for cooking and food vocabulary and phrases. View this recipe cooking video on Arun’s channel:…​ Ingredients 3 cup basmati […]

My FIRST experience driving a TESLA Model 3

I drive my mother-in-law’s TESLA Model 3 with my brother-in-law, JED who knows all about Tesla. There will be a lot of car and transportation vocabulary highlighted as well as American English expressions. SUBTITLES: English, Español, Portuguese, Italian

Our American House Tour (w/ English Keywords)

Our American House Tour - Youtube Video - Learn English with Camille

Check out the house where my family and I live (South Carolina, USA) and learn some English keywords as we tour our house! Plus meet my adorable 3 kids!! To give some perspective, our house is below the average size of a typical American home. It’s ~1200 square feet (112 square meters) while the average […]