LIVE English Lesson with people in HelloTalk

Thanks for all those that joined in this Youtube LIVE! I did live interviews with people on HelloTalk! Below you will find the information mentioned in the video for your reference and practice. Bruce’s Words He wanted to practice: delicacies, magnitude, luxurious aluminum, proprietor, marijuana, lavender, consulate, cosmetics, exhilarating, architecture, synagogue, hinduism, appetizers, Netflix, souvenirs, […]

LIVE! Reactions to Brazilian Music – Learn English with Camille

Join us! My friend Karolina plays Brazilian music for me and you can see my reactions live. This is going to be fun! WATCH NEXT: Brazilian BBQ (Churrasco) Vlog: NOTE: We trimmed out one copyrighted song that the artist did not want in our video (A Gente Fez Amor – Gusttavo Lima).

Live with polyglot Erick – Life in Germany & Language Learning

Join us LIVE! with Erick Jansen who is a polyglot & full stack developer. He was born in Colombia and was raised in Aruba and now lives in Germany. Erick shares about life overseas & language learning. Erick’s band: Erick’s instagram: Get short English Tip videos on my instagram!

Common American Slang Expressions – LIVE with Camille & Pamina

Camille and Pamina (from English with Pamina) share LIVE about slang we use on a regular basis! Pamina shares about NY and Northeastern USA slang and Camille shares Southern USA Slang. Pamina’s Instagram Camille’s Instagram Subscribe to Pamina’s Youtube Subscribe to Camille’s Youtube

Life in Israel & language learning with YouTuber Elsa (Piece of French)

Life in Israel & language learning with YouTuber Elsa from “Piece of French”. She shares about her life in Israel, her youtube channel growth, views of the USA, and learning Hebrew and English Subscribe to Piece of French Youtube Channel Camille’s Instagram Subscribe to Learn English with Camille

Camille & Calvin chat about American Culture & Language Learning – Youtube LIVE

LIVE American Culture with Calvin and Camille - Youtube Video - Learn English with Camille

Listen in and participate as Camille and her husband Calvin chat about American Culture. Actual START of LIVE is at 0:38 after we worked on some technical difficulties ? We’ve been asking friends outside of the USA what questions they have about American Culture and we answered your own questions about American Culture in the […]