My Top 3 Tips for Learning Another Language

Learning another language isn’t easy. Bottom line. I wish there was a magical pill you could take to all of a sudden be speaking another language. I wish I could tell you give it a day or 2 and you’ll get it. But the reality is there are going to be days when you are […]

American speaks Spanish & Swedish – Language Interviews

American speaks Spanish & Swedish - Language Interviews - Learn English with Camille

I sat down with my niece Angelika who has lived and studied in Spain and Sweden to discuss language learning successes and failures as well as her tips on learning a new language! This video was one of our first interviews we did a few months ago in our “studio” (the garage office). SUBS: English, […]

2021 GOAL: Learn ENGLISH with Camille ? My Best Tips to start off right

TODAY is a great time to create a strategy for your language learning in 2021! Write down your goals, think positive and watch this video for more tips to find success in 2021 language learning! Follow me on INSTAGRAM for Short Language Tip Videos Weekly: FB:

The TH Sound in English – English Language Tips & Tricks

Master the TH Sounds - Youtube Video - Learn English with Camille

Have you mastered the “TH” sound in English? You will after this video! Camille will help you position your tongue and help you use the sounds correctly in words like “the” and “father”. Don’t give up, you can do it! And remember to re-watch the videos practicing the position of the tongue and saying the […]

YOOPER English (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) with my Dad

YOOPER ENGLISH with my dad - Youtube Video - Learn English with Camille

Here one of the most UNIQUE accents of English in the USA, the YOOPER accent from my very own DAD! The Yooper accent comes from the upper peninsula of Michigan and has influence from many of the Scandinavian descendants that settled in the area. What do you think of the accent? Is it hard to […]

Camille & Calvin chat about American Culture & Language Learning – Youtube LIVE

LIVE American Culture with Calvin and Camille - Youtube Video - Learn English with Camille

Listen in and participate as Camille and her husband Calvin chat about American Culture. Actual START of LIVE is at 0:38 after we worked on some technical difficulties ? We’ve been asking friends outside of the USA what questions they have about American Culture and we answered your own questions about American Culture in the […]

A to Z Letters and Sounds with Examples

A-Z Letters & Sounds - Youtube Video - Learn English with Camille

Learn the basics! Start with the foundational letters and sounds of english with example words and pictures. Be sure and watch this as many times as you need to master these foundational english letters and sounds! Mastering them will set you up for success in pronouncing and comprehending the English language. VIDEO SUBTITLES: English, Portuguese, […]

Gringa gastando o português ? – Aprenda inglês com Camille

Gringa Gastando o Portugues - Youtube Video - Learn English with Camille

Hear Camille share her story of learning the beautiful Portuguese language in Portuguese 🙂 I wanted to be vulnerable and speak Portuguese to show people it’s okay to make mistakes, the goal is always communication. When I filmed this I had been studying Portuguese for 8 months. Isso é para os meus amigos brasileiros! Eu […]