FUN vs FUNNY with Examples

Fun and Funny — Do you know how to use them?? In this video I’ll give you the differences and show you some examples. SUBS: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish

LIVE English Lesson with people in HelloTalk

Thanks for all those that joined in this Youtube LIVE! I did live interviews with people on HelloTalk! Below you will find the information mentioned in the video for your reference and practice. Bruce’s Words He wanted to practice: delicacies, magnitude, luxurious aluminum, proprietor, marijuana, lavender, consulate, cosmetics, exhilarating, architecture, synagogue, hinduism, appetizers, Netflix, souvenirs, […]

American Women ?? answer your dating questions ??

I asked my friends who live outside of the USA what they would ask American ?? women about dating in America. Here are 3 women’s answers! Of course, these are just 3 women with distinct backgrounds and opinions and do not represent the whole of all american women 😉 See another interview with Emily Cole […]

Common American Slang Expressions – LIVE with Camille & Pamina

Camille and Pamina (from English with Pamina) share LIVE about slang we use on a regular basis! Pamina shares about NY and Northeastern USA slang and Camille shares Southern USA Slang. Pamina’s Instagram Camille’s Instagram Subscribe to Pamina’s Youtube Subscribe to Camille’s Youtube

Life in Israel & language learning with YouTuber Elsa (Piece of French)

Life in Israel & language learning with YouTuber Elsa from “Piece of French”. She shares about her life in Israel, her youtube channel growth, views of the USA, and learning Hebrew and English Subscribe to Piece of French Youtube Channel Camille’s Instagram Subscribe to Learn English with Camille

American speaks Spanish & Swedish – Language Interviews

American speaks Spanish & Swedish - Language Interviews - Learn English with Camille

I sat down with my niece Angelika who has lived and studied in Spain and Sweden to discuss language learning successes and failures as well as her tips on learning a new language! This video was one of our first interviews we did a few months ago in our “studio” (the garage office). SUBS: English, […]

Cooking Indian Food with Arun Kumar – Food Vlog for English Learners

We traveled to North Carolina to cook authentic indian food with a friend Arun Kumar who is originally from India. He made us an Indian dish: Indo-Afghani Pulao / Kabuli Pulao. We’ve included English keywords for cooking and food vocabulary and phrases. View this recipe cooking video on Arun’s channel:…​ Ingredients 3 cup basmati […]

Master TO and FOR – English Prepositions – Learn English with Camille

Master the English prepositions TO & FOR with me! Do I go to Spain? or for Spain? Is this package to you, or for you? Watch as many times as you need, take notes, you can do this! Follow me on INSTAGRAM for Short Language Tip Videos:​ SUBS: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian

A Brazilian’s Life in America

We talk with Niko about language learning, doing business in the USA and cultural adaptation. Thanks to Scändi Tiny Coffee for the use of their space, follow them here: SUBS: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian