Remember vs Remind — Do you know the difference?

Did I remind him to meet me after school? Or did I remember him to meet me after school?

If you confuse these two English words, you’re not alone. In today’s email, we are going to take a look at these 2 words and how to use them.

If we ’remember’ something or someone, it means that we keep that thing or person in our mind or we bring that thing or person back to our mind.


I will always remember Bryan. He has helped me so much with my French✅

So it’s NOT, I will remind Bryan. ❌

Suddenly I remembered I had to meet my friend for lunch today. ✅

Remember + to with the infinitive means we don’t forget to do something.

Remember to pack your lunch for school tomorrow. ✅
Remember to clean your room. ✅

Remember + ing form of the verb means that we have a memory of something we did or of something that happened in the past.

Oh, I remember trying those cookies! It was at last year’s Christmas party. ✅

We don’t say ‘I remember to try those cookies’ in this case. ❌


Remember vs remind - learn the difference

Okay let’s take a look at remind. If a person or thing reminds you of someone or something, they make you think of that person or thing.


Oh, that song reminds me of my high school days!  ✅

Not, that song remembers me of my high school days. ❌

Jane reminded me of my mother because they had the same eyes and laughter. ✅

If we remind someone to do something or about something, we make them remember it or help them not to forget it.

Remind me to stop at the store on the way home, I need to pick up some milk and eggs. ✅
Could you remind me of your name again? ✅

Not could you remember me your name again. ❌


Okay, let’s do a little test to see if you understood. Fill in the blank with either remember or remind.

1. Did you _________ the name of that town we visited last weekend?

2. I will always _______ you, because you are so special to me.

3. You _______me of my dad with your silly jokes.

4. _________ to sign the documents before you put them in the mail.

Answers – 1. Remember 2. Remember 3. Remind 4. Remember


How did you do? I hope this short post helped you to understand the difference between remember and remind.

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Camille Hanson

Camille Hanson

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