The 3 things to STOP doing right now…in learning language

camille tiktokThere are many ups and downs in learning English and other languages. I know from experience! Some challenges come from the complexity of learning a language, while other challenges are the battle in our mind or for our attention.

I’d like you all to succeed in whatever language you are learning, so today I’m giving you my 3 things you need to stop doing in language learning.

#1 Stop negative thinking.

If you always think things like, “I can’t do it”, “I have a bad accent”, “I will never get this”, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

Change your negative statements into positive daily affirmations that you can say out loud everyday:

“I can do it”
“I have a great accent”
“I will get this”.

#2 Stop being distracted.

If you’re trying to study English, but you keep getting interrupted by things around you, you won’t be as productive. So have a designated time everyday to learn English.

I recommend using books or a computer so your smart phone doesn’t distract you with all the messages. Even 15 minutes of concentrated study per day can make a huge difference in your language learning journey.

#3 Stop and take a moment to write down WHY you’re learning a language.

If you don’t know why you’re actually learning, you will most likely quit before you start, because language learning is hard. So take a few minutes to reflect and know why you are learning.

Then, when you want to give up, go back to your WHY, and it will motivate you to continue. Are you learning because you can get a better job? Because your girlfriend or boyfriend speaks English? Because you want to live abroad?

In conclusion, my friend:

  • stop negative thinking,
  • put and end to distractions, and;
  • find you why.

With these three things, you are certain to have success with your language learning. Good luck!

Camille Hanson

Camille Hanson

Hi friends! I'm Camille. I create engaging American English content for ESL people around the world. When I am not creating videos, books or blogs, you will probably find me in a cafe somewhere around the world, studying my next target language or at home cooking up food for my family of five. Stick around, read some posts and learn some English tips :) Tchau, ciao! ~Camille
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