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Struggling to get to the next level in your English learning?

I know what it is like to be frustrated and uncertain of where to go next. I’ve thought many times, 

How can I increase my vocabulary and listening comprehension? How can I reach fluency?”

Are you thinking this too?

I created this course because I am a language learner JUST LIKE YOU. I know what it’s like to learn a language, the ups & downs, the emotions of it, the hardships but also the beauty of it. I wanted to create something that I knew would help bring you to the next level and go after some of those difficult areas you may have with language learning.

I am learning my 4th language right now (French) and believe me it has been challenging! It is sometimes hard to know where to go and how to reach that next level.

I have experimented through trial and error the different ways to break through to the next level in a language learning. Now am passing on what I’ve learned to YOU!

See you in the course! Tchau, caio!
About Your Instructor

About Your Instructor

Camille Hanson is a TEFL-Certified, Youtuber, polyglot & language lover who speaks 5 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French. She knows what it takes to get to the next level in languages and will help YOU too!

Those videos were amazing, because they offered so many useful expressions and verbs and phrasal verbs that people can use in their daily conversations 😊
Thank you for letting me to have access your super good English courses. They were so useful for me. 🙏


Understand English conversation between natives

Speak with more confidence using real life expressions

Improve your pronunciation and increase your vocabulary

Talk about the past and the future more fluidly

Real Life English conversations

next level english camille caleb massey

Inside the course, you will meet THREE interesting and amazing people. 

Caleb, a long time friend and singer musician

Sharon, a friend I met last year who grew up internationally

Melodie, my Sister-in-law, a mom and entrepreneur featured on HGTV.

I chat with each person for around 30 minutes and then break these chats down into “bite-size” videos. 

After each interview will be a video explaining expressions, words and phrases that are new to you. There will also be quizzes to help confirm all that you are learning. 

Reach your goal of understanding English better and speaking with more confidence & greater vocabulary.

next level english with camille melodie interview square copy web ready

Interviewing Melodie

IMG 2242

Interviewing Sharon

I loved the interviews, the experience from participates are amazing. I liked the reading exercises so much. I like to do it to test my capacity of comprehension, usually I read a lot, but I didn’t know that reading and speaking out loud could improve my ability to speak.


phrasal verbs part1 next level english scaled

An Exclusive video on phrasal verbs (which I know are challenging!)


reading course next level english scaled

A video where I read in English to help you with your pronunciation. Read along with me and take your pronunciation to the NEXT LEVEL!

Camille’s course is great for learning real native English, with super interesting content and interviews. Camille is a very dedicated and kind teacher. Her tips and her teaching method helped to increase my vocabulary and improve my skills. I love the interviews!
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Included! Official certificate of completion

Official certificate of completion


Who is this course for? 

If you are at an intermediate English level (A2 — B2) and are looking to improve your English to the next level (B2 — C2), this course is for you!


What is a pronunciation & language coaching session?

We have a live one-on-one video call where I help you with your English pronunciation. I’ll also give you some advice on what you could work on next.

How much time is needed for the course? 

I know many of you are juggling work, school or family so we’ve made the course available to you at your own pace. You could complete it in 1-2 weeks if you worked on it every day.

Will the course expire?

No, the course can be accessed by you forever.




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