Intermediate English Bundle

Original price was: $151.85.Current price is: $79.97.

New Intermediate English Bundle! Get my INTERMEDIATE English books + course Bundle for an amazing deal! Breakthrough the intermediate English Plateau with my Bundle deal today!


Included in this bundle:

31 Day English Dialogue Workshop ($49.97 USD Value)

Intermediate English Short Stories E-book + Audiobook ($11.99 USD Value)

Short Travel Stories for English Learners PDF + Audio ($9.99 USD Value)

21 Day English Phrasal Verb Workshop ($29.97 USD Value)

30 Day Listening Challenge ($49.97 USD Value)

Your Special Deal

Original price was: $151.85.Current price is: $79.97.

Inside this bundle

Intermediate English Book Bundle

Stories + Audio

VALUED AT $21.96

My two Intermediate English Short story books will help you learn vocabulary and grammar naturally through story. You can read along with the included audiobooks.

Language Experts say vocabulary lists and grammar rules are ineffective and slow. When we read a story we intuitively learn language patterns. Cool right!?

31 Day English Dialogues Workshop


VALUED AT $49.97

My 31 Day English Dialogue Workshop will help you learn common phrases in real life situations.

This workshop includes 329 vocabulary words AND
106 Idioms/phrasal verbs + examples!

21 Day English Phrasal Verbs Workshop

Phrasal Verbs

VALUED AT $29.95

Phrasal Verbs are a huge part of the English language. There are 5000+ phrasal verbs, but in this Workshop, we’ll go over the most important and useful ones!

30 Day Listening Challenge with Camille


VALUED AT $49.97

In this challenge, each day you will hear bite-sized conversations between Camille and 3 very interesting people. Included in the Challenge is 33 comprehension exercises and 33 dictation exercises.

Get the bundle and gain confidence in real life English!

Original price was: $151.85.Current price is: $79.97.

My Wonderful Customers

Verified Purchaser
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Camille’s courses are so useful and interesting for English learners, including myself 🙂 I’d like to thank her so much for making these courses high-quality ones and affordable, too. I enjoy learning English from them. Many thanks to you, teacher Camille. You’re one of the best teachers on the Internet.
Verified Purchaser
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I love Camille’s books. I buy all the books she wrote. This book has very interesting stories, very easy to understand and very useful for learning new vocabulary or expression. I like the audio too. I think it’s very important to have audio with book for learning better.
Verified Purchaser
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Courses and ebooks also are really useful for me! I love them.
Anibal Fraquelli
Verified Purchaser
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As a teacher of English, I use Camille’s books and materials in my classes. They’re AWESOME.


Who is this Intermediate English Bundle for? 

If you are at an Intermediate English level B1-B2, this Bundle is for you!

How do I access the e-books?

When you purchase the bundle, the confirmation email will have PDF and E-pub files of both books. The Audiobooks can be found inside the books via a QR code or simple email.

How do I access the workshops?

When you purchase the bundle, we will enroll you as soon as we can (usually within 1-2 hours) into the Thinkific Learning Platform. You will receive an email with access.

Do I have to finish in 21 or 30 days?

No you don’t! You have access beyond 21 or 30 days to finish. It is recommended to do the workshops/challenge in 21/30 days to challenge yourself and gain momentum.

How much time is needed for this bundle? 

Ideally you’ll spend 20-30 minutes each day as you slowly go through all the resources, quizzes and exercises. Everyone learns at a different speed. The key is to take the time that YOU need.

When do the workshops & Challenge start and end?

Since it is an e-workshop and challenge, you can access it at any time after you purchase and continue to use it over and over. You are not limited to the challenge or workshop length, but doing the challenges and workshops in these time spans will help you build momentum.

What if I want a refund?

You have 15 days to try the workshops and Challenges. If you have gone through at least 30% of one of the Workshops or Challenges and read and listened to at least 5 stories and done the comprehension quizzes for those stories and still don’t feel like you are growing in your English, I will refund your money.

Can I share access to these resources?

I love that you want others to learn English too! I work hard to create these products and ask you not to share the access or the books. If you like to share resources, you can sign up for my affiliate program and earn 60% of sales 🙂



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