The Cutest Southern Accent

I interviewed my cousin Trisha Stromer who just happens to have the cutest southern accent *Bless her heart* 🙂 She shares her experience living and growing up in the South (South Carolina). Follow Trisha’s Shop here: Make a Low Country Boil: Special thanks to Scändi Tiny Coffee for letting us use their […]

A Frenchman’s 🇫🇷 Experience in the USA

A Frenchman's 🇫🇷 Experience in the USA

Jean-Michel shares his experiences of living cross-culturally in the USA and learning English and German. Interestingly, he started his language journey by reading books in English. Have you used books in your language learning journey? SUBS: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish

American speaks Spanish & Swedish – Language Interviews

American speaks Spanish & Swedish - Language Interviews - Learn English with Camille

I sat down with my niece Angelika who has lived and studied in Spain and Sweden to discuss language learning successes and failures as well as her tips on learning a new language! This video was one of our first interviews we did a few months ago in our “studio” (the garage office). SUBS: English, […]

A vida de um brasileiro na América

We talk with Niko about language learning, doing business in the USA and cultural adaptation. Thanks to Scändi Tiny Coffee for the use of their space, follow them here: SUBS: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian

YOOPER Inglês (Península Superior) com meu pai

YOOPER ENGLISH with my dad - Youtube Video - Learn English with Camille

Here one of the most UNIQUE accents of English in the USA, the YOOPER accent from my very own DAD! The Yooper accent comes from the upper peninsula of Michigan and has influence from many of the Scandinavian descendants that settled in the area. What do you think of the accent? Is it hard to […]

Como Calvin e eu aprendemos espanhol (em espanhol)

Gringos v Español - Youtube Video - Learn English with Camille

Calvin, my hubby i.e. Husband, joins this side of the lens to help me tell the story of how we learned Spanish in Spanish. We aren’t perfect even with years of practice as you can see, but that’s the beauty of language. It teaches us to constantly learn and step out and stretch our brains. […]

Weilà Tom dá dicas de aprendizagem de idiomas - Entrevista de idiomas

Weila Tom Language Secrets - Youtube Video - Learn English with Camille

I was so excited to interview Weilà Tom on his best tips on language learning as well as one language fail story. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience because he speaks Italian and French (and native english) at high levels—not to mention he is just a fun guy to hang out with! I […]