My 5 Best Tips for Staying Motivated in Language Learning in 2022

You can do it! Don’t give up! Here are some of my best tips for 2022 language learning.

~ Camille

Hi! I wanted to talk to you guys and give you some tips for staying motivated with language learning. I have been learning languages for years, I’ve learned Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French. I’m always studying, and sometimes I’m not motivated, sometimes I don’t want to do it, and so here are some things that I’ve done to help motivate me to get me through, to get me to keep going on, because if you quit, then you’re not going to learn the language. But if you keep going, even small investments every day, you will reach your goals, and you’ll get to where you need to go.

One very important thing is to remember, why, why do you want to learn the language you’re trying to learn? Write it down, what are your reasons? Is it to get you a better job? Is it so you can move away? Is it because your girlfriend speaks that language, and you want to be able to communicate with her better? What is your why, going back to your why is so important, because then when you don’t feel motivated, you can go back and be like oh yeah, this is why I’m learning this language.

Another thing that’s so important is cultivating discipline, more than being motivated, because there’s days when you’ll feel like it, there’s days when you won’t feel like it. But if you’ve cultivated discipline, and if you have that practice of every day investing into your language learning journey, then that will help you get to the next level. So really work on cultivating discipline, making language learning a part of your everyday life, as much as possible, immersing yourself in the language.

I would say my third tip for staying motivated is maybe you actually need a break. Maybe you just need to take a pause, take a day off, take two days, off take a week off, and then return back to language learning. Just don’t take too much time off, I’ve done that in the past, I took a nine month break, and you kind of get back to where you started. So don’t do that, just take a short pause, do something you love, like I don’t know take a trip, do something, and then return back to language learning.

My fourth tip that I want to talk to you about for staying motivated is to just change something. Change what you’re doing if you’re not enjoying it, then you’re gonna really have a hard time moving forward. If you’re reading a book, and it sucks, just read another book. If you’re watching a series, and you don’t like it, watch another series. Do something completely different, and just change it up.

My last tip for you is reward yourself, so set these practical goals, daily goals, weekly goals, monthly, yearly, set all of those goals, and then when you get to one of them give yourself a reward, so something that you enjoy, and that way the positive, dopamine I think it is will reinforce the habit, reinforce the discipline, and will carry you on to keep learning.

Those are my top tips for staying motivated when it comes to language learning, never give up, you will get there, I believe in you.



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