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Bruno Mars – Leave the Door Open – English Lyrics Explanation

Bruno Mars – Leave the Door Open


  • “where you at?” Which is completely slang for saying “where are you?” 
  • “you got plans?” and plans are things that you planned in advance to do, like do you have something going on? Again you got plans would be pretty slang, pretty informal speech. 
  • “don’t say that, shut your trap”, so in this case ‘your trap’, is slang for your mouth. Shut your mouth, shut your trap. 
  • Sipping wine, which sipping is like drinking, but very slowly. 
  • “wearing a robe”, and a robe, usually people wear robes at home, after they have a shower or bath, it’s just the thing that they put over their pajamas to keep them warm, and it usually signifies just relax, comfort, rest, all of those good things. I love my bathrobe, which I have at home. I don’t travel with it. I’m currently in Peru, but yes, so that’s what he’s referring to there. 
  • “I look too good to be alone”, so obviously he’s like ready, waiting for this girl, like looking good, he’s like get yourself over here girl. Just shaved, so I’m assuming his face. 
  • “Shaving” is when you take a shaver, it’s what you use which has a razor to shave the hair off your face. Girls shave their legs, under their armpits, I hope. So he’s letting her know he’s fresh, he’s ready to go. 
  • “in the east wing, in the west wing”, which we only talk about wings in ginormous houses, in mansions, so clearly he’s letting her know he’s in a huge house. 
  • “I ain’t playing”, again very slang, informal, to say I’m not playing, which means I’m serious, I’m speaking real to you girl, I want you to come, still not coming, I’m gonna start that one over. 
  • if you tryna lay in these and ‘tryna’ is slang for ‘trying to’, it’s very very much slang, so trying to. 
  • I’ma leave the door open, which means I’m going, I’ma, I’m going to, I’ma, I am, very very slang. We don’t usually talk like that, I’ma leave the door open, I’m gonna leave the door open, and I’m gonna is also slang, the very formal way to say it would be, I am going to. 
  • “tell me you’re coming through”, which means like, tell me that your answer is yes, tell me that you’re gonna follow through with something, tell me that you’re gonna come over here, like he really really wants her to come. 
  • “so sweet, so tight”. So we use the word ‘tight’, to mean ‘cool’, oh yeah that’s tight, that’s cool. It’s also tight for clothing, you know, like the clothes don’t fit you well, they’re tight on you, but in this case it means ‘cool’. 
  • He talks about smoking purple haze, it’s a specific type of marijuana, that has a euphoric effect. 
  • “If you’re hungry, I have filets”, so fillets are steak, expensive meat, so he’s like, I will feed you, I am ready for you come
  • “there is so much love to be making shamone”, so shamone is referencing an old Michael Jackson song, and in this case shamone just means, come on, like come on, so it’s just like a cool slang way to say it.  

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