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Master the TH Sound in English – English Tips & Tricks

Have you mastered the “TH” sound in English?

You will after this video! I’ll help you position your tongue and help you use the sounds correctly in words like “the” and “father”. Don’t give up, you can do it! And remember to re-watch the videos practicing the position of the tongue and saying the keywords.

If you’re here today, I’m sure it’s because you’ve mastered the most wonderful “TH” sound in English and you just wanna see more videos about it. 😉

I have helped a lot of people with the “TH” sound. I think it’s probably one of the trickiest sounds in the English alphabet and it’s because you just don’t have it in your language and so the key to mastering the “TH” sound is the position of your tongue.

Master The TH Sound in English
Now I look silly, you can too 😉

The tongue is a muscle, with practice, with time, you’ll exercise it and you’ll get better. The most important thing, is like I said, the position of the tongue which the “TH” sound, the tongue needs to be between your teeth, so it might seem a bit exaggerated but it helps to practice this in front of a mirror almost sticking out your tongue, not crazy you know but like that, getting it between the teeth.

Obviously you’ll have to exaggerate the sound until you get the hang of it. There’s two sounds with the “TH”, one is where you push air through. Like when you say the word: through, through; you’re pushing air at the same time that you keep the tongue between the teeth. Say it again through.

Are you guys practicing? I don’t want to be doing this alone. Say it again: Through.

The TH Buzz sound

Then there is the sound where the “TH” is more like a buzzing sound. It’s found in the word “the”, say it with me “the.” You can tell you are not pushing the air through, like in the word “through.”

Why don’t we practice a few “TH” words together. I know it’s awkward, it’s a little awkward even for me to do this video but I believe in it and I’m wanting to help you guys, okay.

So, let’s go, let’s practice these words together:

  • the
  • that
  • that
  • there
  • those
  • them

The “TH” is sometime also found in the middle of the word.

It’s a dead giveaway when I heard people say “fater”. “Fater”, it doesn’t exist in the English language. Father, father, you got it!

Again it’s the position of the tongue in between the teeth.

So let’s practice:

  • Father,
  • mother,
  • father,
  • mother,

There you go! You are getting it 🙂

TH at the end of the word

Okay! The “TH” can also be found at the end of the word, moth, but it’s pretty silent again, you’re pushing the air. For example:

  • moth,
  • sloth
  • booth
  • tooth

So let’s practice just a few more words where you’re blowing the air through, it’s not the buzzing type sound, okay?

  • through,
  • three,
  • thirty,
  • through,
  • three,
  • thirty.

I hope you guys are getting the hang of this, I hope it’s useful!

Mastering the “TH” sound will definitely help you sound more native and it’s not as hard as you think. It’s about your mindset and it’s about the position of the tongue.

So let me know if this video helped you guys out, DM me on Instagram.


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