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Stop swearing at me! – Sheet & Beach Pronunciation

Are you telling me you are going to the beach? or are you calling me a…well you know.

You want a *what* of paper? Oh you mean a sheet of paper?

Let’s master these words so you don’t accidentally swear at me anymore!


In today’s blog I’m going to help you guys with your American pronunciation of a few words.

The first word we have is beach.

I love going to the beach. You’re almost smiling when you say this word. It’s long on the “e” sound.

Often I hear people miss the pronunciation of the word beach and they say the swear word b*tch, which is not good. B*tch is so much shorter. Be careful with this one…

If the word beach is just too hard for you, use the word sea and you will still be understood.

Also I’ve heard people say the word bit and again it can sound like they’re saying b*tch, so with this word make sure your tongue touches the top of your mouth on the inside. Let’s try to use it together in a sentence.

I speak a little bit of english.

The next word we’re gonna go over is the word sheet.

Please give me a sheet of paper.

We also use the word sheet for the thing that we cover on our beds.

Have you washed the sheets yet?

Sheets, it’s the long e sound don’t confuse it with the word sheep which is an animal. The p sound at the end of the word your lips go together. I hope you’re getting the hang of it.

Instead of saying sheet I do hear people saying sh*t but sh*t is the short sound and also a swear. It’s that short “I” sound. The position of your mouth is different oh sh*t. Whereas in the word sheet, we are also smiling. I hope you can see the difference

Another word is as.

This is actually an easier one to correct. The “s” in this word has the sound of a “z” like in the word zoo.

As you know I will do my best like always.

If you pronounce the s in the word as like in the word snake the “s’ sound you will be swearing and saying the word ass.

By now you should have a good understanding or at least a better understanding of the correct pronunciation of these words- beach sheet and as and you can stop swearing at people.

So I hope this helps you guys out. This blog it was really fun to make um if there’s other words that you don’t know in the english language, please let me know. Thanks for reading! Tchau, Ciao!


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