Read with me – Slow Beginner English – Exercise Story

Read with me as I read from my Beginner English Short Stories book. This story is about Exercise.

Story 10 Exercise

Eve likes to exercise. She likes to run. She likes to do yoga. She likes to lift weights. Eve is athletic. Jude is Eve’s friend.
Jude doesn’t like to exercise, but he likes to play soccer. Eve invites Jude to exercise with her. Eve wants to run in the
park. Jude doesn’t want to go, but he says yes because he likes Eve. He wants to ask Eve on a date. He thinks if he says
yes to going running with Eve, she will say yes to a date. Eve is very good at running. She is running fast. Jude is so
tired. He is very sweaty. Eve runs and runs. She doesn’t stop. Her cheeks are pink, and she is breathing hard. Jude asks Eve
for a break, so they sit on a bench in the park. Then Jude asks Eve on a date. Eve says no. Eve gets up and starts to run
again. She is running so fast. Jude cannot catch her. He is sad. He wants to go on a date with Eve.


Is the statement below true or false? Write T for true or F for false.

1. Eve enjoys running, doing yoga, and lifting weights. _____

2. Jude enjoys exercising and running with Eve. _____

3. Jude agrees to go running with Eve because he wants to ask her on a date. _____

4. Eve agrees to go on a date with Jude. _____

5. Eve is slower than Jude when they run together. _____

Multiple Choice

Circle the correct answer

1. What does Eve enjoy doing for exercise?
a) Playing soccer
b) Running, yoga, and lifting weights
c) Lifting weights only
d) Yoga only

2. Why does Jude agree to go running with Eve?
a) Because he loves running
b) Because he wants to exercise
c) Because he wants to ask her on a date
d) Because he wants to beat her in a race

3. What does Jude ask Eve when they take a break from
a) If she wants to play soccer
b) If she wants to lift weights
c) If she wants to go on a date
d) If she wants to continue running

4. How does Eve respond to Jude’s question about a date?
a) She says yes.
b) She says no.
c) She laughs.
d) She ignores him.

5. How does Jude feel when Eve starts running again?
a) Sad
b) Happy
c) Excited
d) Relieved

Fill in the blank

Fill in the blank with the sentences below.

1. Eve likes to ____________ yoga. play/do/make
2. Jude doesn’t like to exercise, ___________ he likes to play soccer. but / or / and
3. Jude wants to ____________ Eve on a date. go / leave / ask
4. Jude ____________ very sweaty. am / is / are
5. Jude ________________ catch Eve. will / must / cannot



True/False 1. T 2. F 3. T 4. F 5. F
Multiple Choice 1. b) Running, yoga, and lifting weights 2. c) Because he
wants to ask her on a date 3. c) If she wants to go on a date 4. b) She says
no 5. a) Sad
Fill in the blank 1. do 2. but 3. ask 4. is 5. cannot

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