The BEST Costa Rican foods? with Araya Vlogs

I had the pleasure of spending the day with @Araya Vlogs and trying some “comida tica” Costa Rican food!

You’ll see food I love and food I don’t like as well as some of the town of Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

We are in Central America, in this wonderful country called Costa Rica. There is nothing better than getting to know a little of the culture of the people through their food and in this blog I have the immense pleasure of sharing a little of this wonderful country through a little of its rich cooking.
And for this adventure, I asked for help from a “TICO” which means a person from Costa Rica”. Araya from Araya Vlogs, which will help us immerse ourselves in the wonders of this rich cuisine.

1 – GALLO PINTO (A typical Costa Rican breakfast)

Gallo Pinto is a popular Costa Rican dish, made with rice and beans mixed together, which are fried until they are toasted, rice being in greater quantity than beans. Gallo Pinto has a long history and has played a fundamental role in the diet of many Latin American countries.

Vocabulary words:

Mother tongue – Your native language

Chewy – Food that you have to chew more to swallow


2 – IMPERIAL (A typical Costa Rican beer)

Since 1924 Costa Rica’s favorite beer has been Imperial. Made with a combination of two row and specialty malts, grains, and hops, it has a pleasing touch of bitterness. Golden yellow in color, with a light body and silky texture, Imperial has a clean, refreshing taste.


3 – THE OREJA (An ear – a typical Costa Rican street food)

BIG, sweet, crispy pastries. The “Orejas” (ears) are just dough rolled on top of granulated sugar and baked until it’s golden, caramelized and heavenly.

Usually one “Oreja” is shared between all people in a table, but at some bakeries or supermarkets you can find smaller ones to have as a personal size. But honestly, it’s a sharing treat.

Vocabulary words:

Crunchy – Food that makes a noise when bitten


4 – AGUA DE PIPA (The typical Coconut)

Vocabulary words:

Refreshing – Making you feel less hot or tired


5 – CHIRULITOS (A typical Costa Rican chip)

Chirulitos are corn sticks fully covered with condiments such as lemon and pepper.


6  – CASADO (A typical Costa Rican dish)

Casado in Spanish literally means “married” or “married man,” giving the dish an affectionate nod to the wives that would put together meals for their working husbands. Another way school of thought on the casado’s name is that it “marries” together a variety of dissimilar, yet delicious foods.

The casado is the most traditional Costa Rican lunch- made up of rice, (black) beans, protein, vegetables- all on one plate.


7  – GUANABANA (A typical Costa Rican drink)

“Soursop” in the english name


8  – CHIFRIJO (A typical Costa Rican dish)

The Costa Rican chifrijo, much like its name, is a mix of several Costa Rican recipes, and it’s a beloved dish throughout the country. The word chi-frijo is a combination of two Spanish words, chicharrón (fried pork belly) and frijoles (beans). Not quite soup, not quite dry dish, its a combination of flavors distinctly Costa Rican.


9  – CHILIGUARO (A typical Costa Rican drink)

Chiliguaro is a spicy shot using Guaro, a sugar cane-distilled liquor make in Costa Rica.

Vocabulary words:

On the house – When the restaurant gives you something for free


See y’all next time!

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