A Simple Guide to American English Verb Tenses by Camille Hanson and Christine Irvine
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A Simple Guide to American English Verb Tenses E-book

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NOW AVAILABLE! An Overview of 13 English Verb Tenses with 436 Practice Exercises

Let’s be real. English grammar can be confusing, especially the verb tenses. By the end of this book, you’ll have a good understanding of the 13 English verb tenses and will have a lot of practice with them!


By Camille Hanson (Learn English with Camille) & Christine Irvine (Facts about English)

In this book, we will take you chapter by chapter giving you a simple explanation with each English verb tense plus loads of examples and exercises to practice with each verb tense.

You’ll learn the 13 English verb tenses with:

  • An overview of each verb tense & examples of each of the 13 verb tenses
  • 436 practice exercises — Exercises after each verb tense overview + review exercises at the end of the book.
  • A variety of exercises to improve your comprehension of verbs:
  • 252 multiple choice questions
  • 84 fill in the blank exercises
  • 84 matching exercises
  • 16 reading exercises with fill in the blanks

If you want to master the American English verb tenses, this book will help you get there! Buy it today!

Here is a sample of the book: Simple Past English Verb Tense

Chapters & Verbs Covered

  • What are verb tenses and why should I learn them?
  • Simple Past
  • Simple Present
  • Present Progressive
  • Past Progressive
  • Simple Future: Will
  • Simple Future: Be going to
  • Present Perfect
  • Present Perfect Progressive
  • Past Perfect
  • Past Perfect Progressive
  • Future Perfect
  • Future Progressive
  • Future Perfect Progressive
  • Advanced Practice
  • Answer Key

Suggestions for best uses

To take full advantage of the verb practice worksheets, you can:

  • print them from the PDF at home or at a print shop
  • Copy and paste to your own doc
  • Use a Free online PDF form editor
  • Take a screenshot and “edit the image” by adding text using an app.

If you prefer the Print/paperback version, you can buy it on Amazon (available in select countries)


8 reviews for A Simple Guide to American English Verb Tenses E-book

  1. RS

    Regina Shafraniuk (verified owner)

  2. FK

    Fana K. (verified owner)

    It is helpful to improve English language as a beginner .

  3. JS

    Juan Sánchez (verified owner)

  4. E

    Elham (verified owner)


  5. AF

    Anibal Fraquelli (verified owner)

    Amazing content, continuous improvement after reading Camille’s books!

  6. L

    Leila (verified owner)

    I really love this book. It’s so practical and useful. It’s kind of a good resource for learning verbs. This book is useful for both teachers and language learners. I would like to thank you Camille.

  7. R


    Overall Review :
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    Product Value :

    The best explanation of verb tenses in a compact book!! No matter what level of English you are at (beginner, intermediate or advanced), this book will explain the tenses in a very simple way with examples of sentences you can use every day.
    The future perfect progressive, for example, will no longer be a mystery to you! The exercises provided will help you understand the grammar rule, but also make it easy to use and remember. I devoured this book in 3 days! I highly recommend it!

  8. MM

    Maria M. (verified owner)

    This guide is amazing. All information it’s so clearly explain and the exercises are easy to understand.

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