My Teaching Style

Language learning requires more than just memorizing words or studying grammar.

The biggest issue in language learning is not that we can’t seem to memorize word, but that we give up before we reach a high level of English. Because of this, your mindset is the most important factor in reaching your English language goals. Anyone can learn a language if they have a positive mindset and clear goals.

Speaking of goals, if you don’t have any, the statistics show you don’t have a great chance of learning English.You need to have a destination in this English journey or you will be lost endlessly.

My background in life coaching and language learning

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About Camille

Camille Hanson is a TEFL-Certified English content creator, author and language lover who speaks 5 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French. She is currently working on Turkish. Her background in language learning enables her to create English content using methods that have helped her learn languages.

She is a mom, wife and avid traveler. Her family often travels around the world meeting language partners and producing content to connect with her audience. She is a believer that “New Languages open New Worlds.” She loves to promote travel and language learning in general besides producing English learning content.

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