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My Top Resources for Learning English

It can be hard to know where to go when you are Learning English.

There are so many resources out there, so to help you learn most effectively, I have compiled my best English resources categorized by English Level. Some of these resources are paid, but some are free! Think about this: When you pay for something, you value it more. If you have the money, great, if not there are a ton of free English resources out there! I hope to highlight some of them below.

Top Beginner English Resources

Any language learner wants to see progress quickly. These resources have helped me grow quickly in my vocabulary and it can help you in your English as well.

LingQ is an amazing resource that helps you learn a language in context from day 1. You can follow different learning paths and it includes audio and video. It makes it easy to save vocabulary (in context) as well as see what words you have learned.

Pimsleur is a classic method of learning languages through listen and repeat style prompts. I have used the audios for Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, and Turkish.

The audio really helps you pronounce English well and gain confidence in speaking and understanding common phrases in different settings.

Memrise is gamified vocabulary learning. There is quite a few free (ad supported) vocabulary and I’ve found the app to be useful in learning not just words but also phrases. They include videos of actual speakers as well which is really helpful.

The Practice makes Perfect books have a variety of English grammar books all the way from basic to advanced as well as for ESL learnings. The lessons are structured well and you will benefit from this book as well. 


Top Intermediate English Resources

You’ve mastered quite a few levels of Duolingo, you’ve listened and repeated many lessons on Pimsluer, you’ve done some grammar exercises in the grammar book. Now what?? Here are some of my best recommendations for Intermediate learners.

Language Exchange apps help you improve when you are just into the intermediate level of English. Before this, it can be hard to converse and make friends. I have made some of my best friends on this App!

italki can be used for language exchanges or for formal lessons. It can be good to find a teacher or language partner at an intermediate level so you come in with questions and you have some foundation in the English language.

It can be hard to find English language partners if there isn’t much demand for your language on HelloTalk so you may have to pay a little to get a good partner that will correct and teach you.

110 Real Life English Conversations is my second book to help you speak American English more naturally and natively. Included with your purchase is the audio with 27 voice actors of all 110 dialogues!

Short Travel Stories for English Learners helps you learn English through story. When we read vocabulary and phrases within the context of story, we are much more likely to remember it.

I have an Extended English Version and Parallel English Versions. The Audiobook read by me is included as well!

Top Advanced English Resources





Happy Learning! ~Camille

NOTE: These are Amazon affiliate links to products I recommend. There is no extra cost to you by click them. I earn a small percentage of each purchase directly through these links. By clicking these links you help me so I can keep making English content. Thank you so much! ~Camille

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