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6 Ways to Say FART in English – Do you know them?

The term “fart” is a very important English word. 😉

People often use these five phrases below to talk about farting in a more polite or humorous way, especially in situations where talking about “farts” directly might be considered impolite or embarrassing.

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Five ways to say “Fart” in English:

  1. Pass gas

    This is a commonly used way to refer to the act of farting. It’s a polite and non-offensive way to discuss the topic.

    Example: Whoops, I just passed gas. Sorry for the smell.

  2. Break wind

    This is another polite way to describe the release of gas from the body. It’s a more figurative expression, suggesting that the “wind” within the body is being released.

    Example: I couldn’t help but break wind during the meeting; it was so embarrassing!

  3. Flatulate

    This is a more technical or medical term for the process of passing gas. It’s not as commonly used in everyday conversation but is still a formal and non-offensive way to discuss the topic.

    Example: The doctor explained that it’s common to flatulate after eating certain types of foods.

  4. Cut the cheese

    This phrase adds a humorous or playful element to talking about farting. It’s a bit more informal and lighthearted.

    Example: Did you just cut the cheese? That’s hilarious!

  5. Let one rip

    This is a colloquial and informal way to describe a loud or forceful fart. It’s often used in a humorous context to make light of the situation.

    Example: Wow, did you hear him let one rip during the movie? It was so loud!

  6. to slip one (a fart) out

    Slipping on out is when you are trying to discreetly let a fart out.

    Example: When no one was in the break room, I tried to slip one out.

  7. To cropdust

    A crop duster (airplane) applies pesticides from the air with airplanes or helicopters to fields. Crop-dusting is when you fart and try to disperse the smell while moving—leaving the smell behind you.

    Example: When I was in the store I had to cropdust down the aisle to avoid my own smell.

These phrases are all used to avoid using the word “fart” directly, which some people may find impolite or uncomfortable to say. Instead, they offer more socially acceptable or comical alternatives for discussing the same bodily function.

In some settings you shouldn’t talk about farting, while in more casual settings it is okay. In my house we are okay with the word Fart, but some homes may not be. 😉

How do you say fart in your language? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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