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Learn Car Vocabulary in English – Car interior vocabulary

Car vocabulary is of course useful if you plan to drive a car in the USA or work in a business related to cars.

Below are some English car vocabulary you can learn related to car interior:

Steering Wheel – The wheel you turn to control the direction of the car.
Example: “Hold the steering wheel firmly while making a turn.”

Dashboard – The control panel in front of the driver, usually displaying speed, fuel, and other information.
Example: “Check the dashboard for the fuel gauge to see if you need to refuel.”

Speedometer – The gauge that shows the car’s speed.
Example: “I was driving at 60 miles per hour according to the speedometer.”

Odometer – A device that measures the distance the car has traveled.
Example: “The odometer showed that the car had covered 100,000 miles.”

Gear Shift – The lever or knob used to change gears in manual transmission cars.
Example: “To accelerate quickly, shift to a lower gear.”

Seat Belt – A safety belt that passengers wear in a car.
Example: “Always remember to fasten your seat belt before driving.”

Gear Stick – The lever used to change gears in manual transmission cars.
Example: “Put the car in neutral by moving the gear stick to the center position.”

Clutch Pedal – The pedal in manual transmission cars used to engage and disengage the clutch.
Example: “Press the clutch pedal when you want to shift gears.”

Brake Pedal – The pedal used to slow down or stop the car.
Example: “Gently press the brake pedal to slow down at intersections.”

Accelerator Pedal – The pedal used to increase the car’s speed.
Example: “Push the accelerator pedal to gain speed on the highway.”

Handbrake / Emergency Brake / E-Brake – A lever or pedal used to engage the parking brake.
Example: “Don’t forget to engage the handbrake when parking on a slope.”

Rearview Mirror – The mirror used to see what’s behind the car.
Example: “Adjust your rearview mirror to get a clear view of the traffic behind you.”

Sun Visor – A flap that can be pulled down to shield the eyes from the sun.
Example: “Lower the sun visor to block out the blinding sunlight.”

Glove Compartment – A small storage compartment in the dashboard.
Example: “You can keep your owner’s manual in the glove compartment.”

Cup Holder – A recessed area in the car to hold drinks.
Example: “Place your coffee in the cup holder to avoid spills.”

Headrest – The padded support for the head on the top of the seat.
Example: “Adjust the headrest for a comfortable driving position.”

Horn – A device that produces a loud sound to alert others.
Example: “Use the horn to signal if you need to warn someone.”

Air Conditioning Vent – An opening that allows cool or warm air to circulate in the car.
Example: “Direct the air conditioning vent towards your face to stay cool.”

Radio / Stereo – The audio system for playing music or receiving broadcasts.
Example: “Tune in to your favorite radio station on the stereo.”

Power Windows – Windows that can be opened and closed with the press of a button.
Example: “You can control the power windows from the driver’s side.”


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