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My Hobbies Reading in Slow English (Beginner A1-A2)

Join me as I read a story from my book:

Beginner English Short Stories

30 Short Stories written for beginner English learners

If you are a beginner don’t feel like you have to understand everything. Watch the video with English subtitles. Below is the complete story:

Story 14 My Hobbies TRUE STORY

I have many hobbies. I like to learn new things. One of my hobbies is learning languages. I am studying Turkish now. It’s a hard language. I watch videos in Turkish. I read easy books in Turkish. I talk to my friends on the phone in Turkish. Every day I study a little bit of Turkish.

I also love to exercise. Every morning I do something active. I walk or run, do yoga, or do a workout video on YouTube. I feel better when I move my body. I also enjoy the outdoors. My family likes to go to the beach or park together. Sometimes we go on hikes. It’s very nice.

Traveling is another thing I really enjoy. My family likes to visit new countries together. We like to try new foods, meet new people, and practice speaking the language of the country we are in. Another hobby of mine is reading. I love to read books. Every day I try to read one chapter or two from a book. Sometimes I read in other languages. Most of the time I read books in English.

I also love to bake. I like to bake muffins and cookies. I’m trying to learn how to bake sourdough bread. Sometimes my kids bake with me. I have a lot of hobbies.


Is the statement below true or false? Write T for true or F for false.

1. Camille’s main hobby is painting. _____
2. Camille enjoys exercising outdoors with her family. _____
3. Camille reads books only in English. _____
4. Camille’s family enjoys traveling to familiar places. _____
5. Camille bakes alone without involving her kids. _____

Multiple Choice

Circle the correct answer

1. What is one of Camille’s hobbies?
a) Painting
b) Learning languages
c) Playing video games
d) Gardening

2. How often does Camille read books?
a) Every week
b) Every day
c) Every month
d) Every year

3. What activity does Camille enjoy doing with her family
a) Watching movies
b) Going to the beach
c) Playing board games
d) Skiing

4. What is Camille trying to learn how to bake?
a) Sourdough bread
b) Cupcakes
c) Brownies
d) Pizza

5. What language is Camille currently studying?
a) French
b) Persian
c) Turkish
d) German

Fill in the blank

Fill in the blank with the sentences below.

1. I ____________ studying Turkish now. am / is / are

2. I talk to my friends _______________ the phone. through / in / on

3. My family likes to go __________ the beach. to / on / at

4. I love to ________________ books. see / read / listen

5. I have a lot of ________________. hobby / hobs / hobbies



True/False 1. F 2. T 3. F 4. F 5. F
Multiple Choice 1. b) Learning languages 2. b) Every day 3. b) Going to
the beach 4. a) Sourdough bread 5. c) Turkish
Fill in the blank 1. am 2. on 3. to 4. read 5. hobbies


Read 29 more stories in my book:

Beginner English Short Stories

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