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Intermediate Real Life English Conversation: Talking about Christmas

Calvin and I share about Christmastime and what we love.

Join us as we dive into the fun and fascinating traditions of Christmas in the USA and beyond! We discuss home decoration to delicious cookies and Christmas traditions. A must-watch for holiday lovers who are learning English! 🙂

Understanding the True Meaning of Christmas Celebrations in America

When asked “What’s the real meaning of Christmas?”, the common answer is that it celebrates Jesus’ birth. Although Jesus likely wasn’t born on December 25, this date represents that important event. Now let’s look at some popular modern Christmas customs.

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Decorating Houses with Colorful Lights

One heartwarming tradition is decorating our homes for the holidays. Many Americans adorn their houses with Christmas lights and decorations outside. Some go a bit too far! We’re not fans of 20 giant inflatable Santas in lawns, but we love the white twinkling lights outlining rooftops. The bright and festive displays create a magical mood.

Enjoying Christmas Treats

Christmas is also a time to enjoy sweets. One childhood highlight was baking plates of cookies, especially making cutout sugar cookies.

“We roll out the sugar dough, cut fun shapes like stars and trees, and let the kids decorate with frosting and candies.”

It’s a fun family activity and leaves you with yummy snacks to munch on all season!

Ugly Sweaters and Secret Santas

For parties, popular contemporary traditions are “ugly Christmas sweater” themes where people dress in silly designs.

Another fun custom is Secret Santa:

“You randomly pick someone’s name and secretly buy them a gift. Their identity is revealed only when the presents are exchanged on Christmas Day – it adds surprise and anticipation!”

Celebrations Around the World

We’ve celebrated Christmas in many places, from Sweden to Hawaii! Customs and cuisine vary, but the festive cheer is universal.

When Does the Holiday Season Begin?

To some people it starts in November; for us it’s the weekend after Thanksgiving. Then comes a flurry of bazaars, music, and parties until we close with a big family Christmas dinner.

That’s Christmas in a nutshell! What unique traditions do you have? Please comment on Youtube. Thanks for watching – Merry Christmas to all!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my English Magazine Winter Edition to learn English while learning about winter culture and traditions in the USA.


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