Real Life English Interviews: How is Christmas Celebrated in the USA?

I hit the streets (I went to the streets) and interviewed some Americans on how they celebrate Christmas. As you will see we are a “melting pot” with many traditions and backgrounds!

We live in the southeast part of the USA known as the “Bible belt”. There is a strong Christian culture and this is reflected in the interviews.

Christmas in America: A Diverse Perspective

Let’s celebrate, everyone! We go beyond the usual to uncover the real thoughts and experiences of Christmas in America. We’re talking to real people with real stories, some familiar and some that might surprise you! What do they have in common? It’s the joy and spirit of Christmas which, as we all know, means different things to different people.

Christmas Through the Eyes of Children

First, we talk to my little ones, Maddox, Ivory, and Kairo. For them, Christmas means celebrating “God’s Birthday”. Ivory adorably wishes for a talking doll that can close its eyes this Christmas!

When asked what their favorite Christmas activity was, their faces light up at the mention of the “Christmas Feast”. Their favorite Christmas food? You guessed it – Cookies, followed closely by mashed potatoes. A very kid-friendly Christmas meal!

Do they believe in Santa? A loud “Yes!” echoes, and they firmly believe Santa’s sleigh will come to the rooftops!

Different Views From People Downtown

The festive spirit is energetic as I chat with people downtown. Clint says his favorite tradition is decorating the tree with his family. He loves ham, stuffing and especially pumpkin pie with whipped cream – a true holiday spread!

For Becca and Andrew, Christmas means celebrating Jesus’ birth and spending time with loved ones. Their favorite tradition is exchanging presents and opening them together, filling the air with joyful surprises.

Meeting Zach and Anna, the talk becomes more thoughtful. To them, Christmas means hope, new beginnings, and honoring Jesus’ birth. Coming from a large family, their Christmas day includes a big celebratory feast with lamb.

Interesting conversations follow with others. George and Charlie value giving more than receiving during Christmas. From spending time with family to helping the community, their spirit embodies love and care.

Aiden sees Christmas as honoring Jesus’ birth and focusing on what’s really important. His family has a delicious tradition of making homemade donuts!

However, some have different views. Anaya and Aki don’t celebrate Christmas due to their beliefs. They mainly enjoy the winter fashion this season.

For Stephen and Catherine, celebrating Christ’s birth with family is central to their Christmas. Catherine holds an adorable wish for a hammock this year!

Adding some personal warmth, I’ve always loved the song “Little Drummer Boy” and baking Christmas cookies. Surprising my kids with stocking stuffers on Christmas morning is a treasured tradition passed down by my mom.

In Summary, Christmas in the USA is a diverse occasion!

Christmas comprises diverse traditions, beliefs, and customs. From shared meals and thoughtful gifts to spiritual reflections, it’s a holiday painted with many shades, bringing people together.

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Merry Christmas!


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