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Real Life Intermediate level English Conversation: Past jobs We’ve Had

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Calvin and I talk about the different jobs we have had in the past. It is interesting to see where life takes us and what we learn along the way.

First Jobs

Calvin starts by talking about jobs he did for his parents when he was young. These included washing the car, pulling weeds from the garden, and other chores. His parents would pay him about $10-20 for doing these jobs. This taught Calvin about working hard and earning money from an early age.

My (Camille’s) first jobs were very different. From age 12 until 17, I worked in my dad’s warehouse and office about one hour every day after school. My dad owned a successful safety supply company. I would help with packaging orders, sorting products, and loading my dad’s work van. I earned around $5-7 per hour. Working for my dad taught me to appreciate hard work and to save money.

Enjoying a laugh while we teach you American English with Camille and Calvin

Formal Employment

During summer break at University, Calvin’s job was at his brother-in-law’s electrical company during summer break. As he describes, “I worked long hours…Hauling big things of wire, pulling this wire through houses…” Although the work was difficult, Calvin gained useful electrical skills that we have put to use over the years.

My first formal job was as a waitress at a Chinese restaurant with a Mexican kitchen crew. Calvin points out, “America is a melting pot of cultures.” I only earned $1.80 per hour, but made good tips from customers, often over 20% of the bill. Servers in the U.S can make decent money from tips at nice restaurants.

What We Do Now

These days Calvin and I work together creating English learning content, managing short-term rental properties, and raising our three children. I write books and develop online courses to help people learn English. Calvin assists me with video editing, website design, and other technical projects. We both enjoy working as a team.

We have had some interesting jobs on our journey so far. Who knows what we’ll be doing in 10 years!

What about you? What jobs have you done in the past or present? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments on YouTube.


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